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Mom Chat: See the funny moments through the mess

April-June 2017 Children are hilarious. It’s a well-known fact. There are just as many videos on Youtube of little kids being funny than there are videos of cats being, well, cats. Most of the time these funny times are either a learning experience for the parent or the child, and can result in a big mess. I think that one ...

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Mom Chat: Treasure all the moments

HALEY HOLCOMB | Haley@smalltownkidsmag.com | Small Town Kids Jan-Mar 2017 One of the best, and honestly worst, factors of parenting is that your kids are continuously growing, learning and transforming. Of course this means that your 2-month-old infant won’t be a baby for very long at all. Just as fast as time goes by, our children are growing right before ...

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Mom Chat: Don’t Stress Potty Training

Writer: Haley Holcomb // Small Town Kids October/November/December 2016 There have been a lot of changes to Small Town Kids Magazine, and more are coming. This issue will feature a kids fashion section which we are very excited about. Small Town Kids, as well as IN Magazine, has partnered with Elisabeth Ashley from EforFashion and we will feature a fashion ...

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Mom chat: It’s a new day, let’s have fun

  Writer: Haley Holcomb / Small Town Kids / Summer 2016 Issue You will recognize some changes to Small Town Kids.This is because the magazine has new owners. Small Town Kids has been acquired by IN Magazine. The new staff is very appreciative of the previous owner, Meredith, for giving IN the opportunity to take the reigns of this awesome ...

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