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Amazing Mom: with her husband Charlie, Traci Cameron shares the joys of raising three children close in age with very different personalities.

“We can learn so much about how to live our life through our children.” Photos by JENNIFER WILLARD PHOTOGRAPHY // Location at THE CHAPEL AT TEA BERRY FARMS IN JACKSONVILLE, TX 3 words to describe your family: Authentic, Caring, Team Players 3 words to describe yourself:  Hardworking, Organized, Determined Tell us about your children: Vivianne is our oldest and will turn ...

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Amazing Mom: Working mom Jill Kinsley says no matter how busy she gets, she always makes time to savor precious moments with her loving husband and adorable children

Photographer: JENNIFER WILLARD PHOTOGRAPHY | Location: DEWBERRY PLANTATION IN BULLARD, TEXAS | April-June 2017 “Treasure every moment because it truly does fly by.” 3 words to describe your family: Genuine, loving, connected 3 words to describe yourself: Focused, loyal, determined Tell us about your children: Caroline is 7 and a 2nd grader at Owens Elementary.  She is very thoughtful, bright, ...

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Amazing Mom: Kasey Ciesiensky is the mother of three children who started her own home-based business selling environmentally-friendly cleaning products

“When in doubt, sing and dance.” 3 words to describe your family: Loving, passionate, silly 3 words to describe you:  Persevering, funny, passionate Tell us about your children: I have three kiddos. My oldest is Minnie, a sweet and passionate 5-year-old that can’t wait to grow up and be a mommy. Then comes James, a tender-hearted 3-year-old, who melts my heart ...

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Amazing mom: “I look at life so differently now.”

Photographer: Jennifer Willard Photography // Small Town Kids October/November/December 2016 AFTER OVERCOMING A CANCER DIAGNOSIS DURING HER PREGNANCY, LA SHUNDA MINIX EMBRACES THE JOY OF CARING FOR HER FAMILY AND BEING A MOTHER TO HER SON DENIM 3 words to describe your family: One, Strong, God-Fearing words to describe you:  Fighter, Motivator, Devoted, Multi-Talented Tell us about your son? Denim ...

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Amazing mom: Carly Austin

Photographer:JENNIFER WILLARD PHOTOGRAPHY / Small Town Kids / Summer 2016 “You learn and grow with your children.” Stay-at-home mom Carly Austin and her husband, michael, have their hands full with three children under the age of 5, and they wouldn’t change it for the world.  3 words to describe your family?  Energetic, Structured, Loving 3 words to describe yourself?  Attentive, ...

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