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Family Activities: 50 things to do before summer ends

You still have time to make this summer a blast for your kids. Here is a list of free [or nearly free] activities to do at your house or around town. For kids at all ages.

1. Pillow fight

2. Water balloon fight

3. Neighborhood scavenger hunt

4. Play catch

5. Go swimming

6. Build a fort

7. Visit a museum

8. Go to the zoo

9. Go for a hike

10. Ride your bike

11. Pick wildflowers

12. Plant flowers

13. Go fishing

14. Flashlight tag

15. Picnic at sunset

16. Make homemade ice cream

17. Dig for fossils

18. Read a book

19. Lemonade stand

20. Hunt for bugs

21. Climb a tree

22. Sleep in a tent in the backyard

23. Fly a kite

24. Go to a local park

25. Go to the movies

26. Play with sidewalk chalk

27. Wash your parents’/grandparents’ car

28. Eat watermelon

29. Make a volcano

30. Make homemade popscicles

31. Take your dog for a walk

32. Blow bubbles

33. Try to count the stars at night

34. Family game night

35. Make s’mores

36. Play waterhose limbo

37. Paint rocks

38. Make a journal about your summer

39. Take a road trip

40. Bake cookies for a neighbor

41. Attend vacation bible school

42. Host a sleepover

43. Make homemade pizza

44. Try a new food

45. Make a music video

46. Shop for school supplies

47. Learn a magic trick

48. Build an obstacle course

49. Go to a waterpark

50. Visit a farmer’s market

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