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Summer Fun: These water activities are easy to set up in your backyard and the kids will have a blast


Summer in Texas means two things; bored kids inside and hot temperatures outside. What a better solution for boredom and heat than to spend a couple hours outside playing in the water. These activities take a different approach to playing in the water, and trust me your kids will have a blast.

Water Blob

Yes, you read that right. Water blob. You can actually make your own water blob for your kids to play on outside. This project is actually pretty simple to put together and definitely worth the work that goes into the project. Your kids will love the blob!


• Plastic drop cloth (I used a Husky 10′ x 25′ Clear Sheeting  from Walmart). It costs about $8 and there is plenty of sheeting available to make multiple blobs)

• Iron

• Duct Tape

• Parchment Paper


• Lay out the plastic and cut appropriately for how big you want the blob to be.

• Fold plastic in half, meet the edges together to seal.

• Use the parchment paper to cover the plastic where you will be ironing, and then iron the edges together about an inch to two inches in.

  Continue ironing all the edges together leaving about a two-inch gap to place the water hose.

•Take the plastic outside and place it where you want the blob to be. Keep in mind that after the blob is filled it will be hard to move due to the weight of the water so make sure that you have it where you want it before you start filling.

• Place water hose inside of the opening and fill the blob with water.

• After the blob is filled, use duct tape to seal the open area.


  The blob is a wiggly mess, but it is still plastic in the heat so I would suggest making sure you wet the blob. We set up sprinklers next to the blob to keep it wet continuously. Other options would be adding soap and water for a slippery good time, or poking small holes in the top of the blob to keep it wet.

• If your blob springs a leak, you can use duct tape to seal it. I was surprised but the duct tape worked really well keeping everyting sealed.

• Cut the blob open when you are done using it. Ours stayed together for 3 days before I finally decided we weren’t going to play on it anymore and popped it. The grass underneath the blob was already dying, so if you don’t plan on using it again I would suggest for the sake of your grass to go on and pop it.

Water Balloon Pinata

This activity was a favorite among my kiddos. It is very easy and the kids loved getting to pop these ballons and getting wet.


• Regular balloons

• Rope


• Attach rope between two objects to create a line. We used our swingset, but anything will work as long as it is sturdy enough to hold up the water-filled balloons.

• Fill the regular balloons with water.

• Tie them and attached to the rope in a line. I tried clothespins at first, but the balloons were too heavy so I just ended up actually tying the balloon to the rope.

• Let your kids use a stick to pop the pinatas.


• Whenever using balloons, make sure that you pick up the pieces as soon as possible to prevent kiddos from putting the pieces in their mouths and choking.

• Keep other kids in a safe distance from the person who is swinging the stick because they could get hit.

Bubble Pool

This is the simplest project out there, and great for younger kids. Just take a kiddie pool and fill with water and bubbles. We used the tear-free soap to make the bubbles. Fill the pool with toys and let the kids have at it. It is amazing how much fun kiddos have with bubbles and water.

Have Fun

All three of these activities were very well received and took up a couple hours out of a hot Saturday afternoon. We had kids ages 1, 3, 4, 8 and 9 who enjoyed all of the activities.

We also used various water toys during the activties including water guns, water balloons and sprinklers. Keep in mind, parents, when your kids have squirt guns and water balloons you most likely will be getting wet.

Most of all. have fun, cool down and don’t forget the sunscreen.


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