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Mom Chat: See the funny moments through the mess

April-June 2017

Children are hilarious. It’s a well-known fact. There are just as many videos on Youtube of little kids being funny than there are videos of cats being, well, cats.

Most of the time these funny times are either a learning experience for the parent or the child, and can result in a big mess.

I think that one of the most important things about being a parent is being able to see the humor in the hard times. Lets face it, raising kids is NOT an easy task. You have this person or persons that depend on you for everything, and as they grow older you hope that your parenting doesn’t permanently scar them or make them a menace to society.

Almost everyday I am questioning if I am doing the right thing. Is my 4-year-old going to be morbidly obese because I was too tired and let him eat chocolate chip cookies for dinner? Am I spoiling my nine-year-old because I gave in and bought him that game even though he didn’t keep his room clean all week? Did I remember to remind them to brush their teeth? Or wash their hair?

I mean seriously,  I can barely keep up with myself, how in the world can anyone actually entrust me with being responsible for another person’s life? Yeah. Being a parent is definitely stressful and insane sometimes.

Toddlers don’t really joke, but let me tell you how funny it is when your 3-year-old walks into your room covered in marker after he found his brothers stash in his room. Of course it’s not really funny when you see the beautiful marker illustration he left on the door, but what else can you do but laugh?

You take a picture of your son for memories and to show your freinds, throw the kid in the bath and get the magic eraser and pray it cleans the marker off the door.

That is where seeing the humor in it can makes things less tense.

So next time your child decides to put your make-up on, eat dirt or smash raw eggs on the recliner (yes, this did happen to me), just imagine you’re watching an episode of Modern Family and how funny this situation truly is. It definitely makes the clean up a bit easier when you have a smaile on your face.

And remember, this has happened to every parent out there. It’s a part of the joy of parenthood.


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