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Adventure Time: Parent’s night put at Rockett Allstarz Gym

April-June 2017

The Adventures of Seri and Abi is a blog featuring the 4- and 5-year-old daughters of Lili Rodriguez and Alyx Pace. They go on “adventures” almost every week to a new place around East Texas and share their experiences on their blog, AdventuresOfSeriAndAbi.com. You can also check them out on Facebook and follow them on Instagram at @adventuresofseriandabi_.

Parent’s Night Out at Rockett Allstarz Gym

6371 Elkton Trail, Tyler

Every third Friday of the month

6-9 p.m.

$15/Child – Ages 4+

Need to grocery shop in peace, a date night or sushi with your girlfriend? Rockett Allstarz has the answer! Coach Abby Rockett provides a fun, safe environment for kiddos to run off TONS of energy!

These little cuties had no idea just how much fun they were in for!

They started the evening off with a homemade obstacle course that the girls ran, jumped, rolled and giggled through about 100 times. Only a gym could have the most fun pads, mats and accessories to make not only an awesome obstacle course, but clubhouse as well.

They practiced their tumbling skills. Even flipping their feet all by themselves! Coach Abby has been teaching girls of all ages to tumble and dance for several years now and thoroughly enjoys watching the kiddos learn!

Seri perfected her gymnastics bar flip and Abi got to try it for the first time with help from Coach Abby! Both girls cheered each other on.

They even had a pizza party, which was included with the $15 fee.

Lili and I stayed for a little while, but the we decided to enjoy a sushi date ourselves! Neither one of us can believe our girlies are old enough to have an adventure without us, but it is comforting to know that they had an absolute BLAST!

You always worry about your kiddos when you aren’t with them. But this Parent’s Night Out is all about activity, fun and laughter. Your kids won’t sit in front of a TV all night; they will learn new tricks, perfect old ones and run until they’re sweaty! Needless to say… our babies slept well that night!


• The GPS doesn’t take you to the gym. Turn at the blinking light on Grande Boulevard (left if headed west, right if going east) it’s the first buildings on the left! (There is a sign)

• Play clothes

• Tennis shoes & socks

• $15 (debit/credit cards are accepted)

• Make sure to sign the waver with contact info

• Water bottle-because they will sweat. There is also a water fountain in case you forget.

All our love,

The Adventurers!

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