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Amazing mom: Carly Austin

Photographer:JENNIFER WILLARD PHOTOGRAPHY / Small Town Kids / Summer 2016

“You learn and grow with your children.”

Stay-at-home mom Carly Austin and her husband, michael, have their hands full with three children under the age of 5, and they wouldn’t change it for the world. 


3 words to describe your family? 

Energetic, Structured, Loving

3 words to describe yourself? 

Attentive, Motivated, Original

Tell us about your family? 

Our oldest, Caleb, is 4. He has the biggest heart. He always wants to make sure everyone is OK. He absolutely loves his younger sister and brother. He loves to go everywhere with his daddy and granddad, enjoys spending time outside picking blackberries, riding on the tractor and fishing.

Camille will soon be 2 and she’s our little pistol. she gets into EVERYTHING. When she wants to give her love out, it is the sweetest ever. But she has got a mind of her own and is very independent. She’s got the funniest little personality.

Surprisingly, she has taken to Canaan, the baby, better than we thought, being that they are only 16 months apart and she’s no longer the baby.

Canaan is 7 months old. He’s a very sweet and happy baby. He loves watching Caleb and Camille play.

He was by far the most challenging baby of our three. Starting off with a surprise 3½-week early entrance and an 11-day stay in NICU. Although he came early, he is now completely healthy and above average size for his age.

Best thing about being a mom? 

Having the opportunity and responsibility of influencing and loving these babies in a way that will impact their lives forever. Not to mention all the sweet love I get from them daily.

How do you juggle the responsibilities of being a mom and having other demands?

Honestly I am not sure, it gets very crazy at times. I’m sure my organizational skills comes into play along with a routine. I also get  help from my husband, parents and lots of prayer. I have a system for everything I do. I plan ahead and have a never-ending list for my to do’s.

Favorite thing to do with your children? 

I love being interactive and doing things hands-on like crafts, puzzles and games. We live on 50 acres so anything outside with the kids is always on the menu for fun.

Family’s favorite meal? 

We love to grill. Steaks, veggies and burgers.

Advice for new moms? 

It’s OK to not feel like you have everything under control. As a parent, you learn and grow with your children.

Tell us about your husband? 

He is a loving husband and an amazing dad. We have been married now going on six years. There is nothing in the world he would rather do than to take care of us. He’s very involved and hands on, there’s no way I could get through my crazy days if it weren’t for him. He is a hard worker and enjoys cooking, which is a plus!

Best marriage advice you’ve received? 

Always remember you were best friends before husband and wife; never lose that friendship.

Best parenting or life advice you’ve been given? 

Best parenting advice was to kneel down and get eye level with your children when you are disciplining them.

Are there any future plans for more children? 

Yes, my husband and I would like to adopt a baby girl, we are hoping to start the process once Canaan turns 1.

Best thing that has happened so far this year?

My husband and I flew with our three kids to Costa Rica in April to be part of my younger sister’s wedding.

It was a beautiful wedding but a very challenging trip: an eye-opening experience.

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