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Mom Chat: Treasure all the moments

HALEY HOLCOMB | Haley@smalltownkidsmag.com | Small Town Kids Jan-Mar 2017

One of the best, and honestly worst, factors of parenting is that your kids are continuously growing, learning and transforming. Of course this means that your 2-month-old infant won’t be a baby for very long at all. Just as fast as time goes by, our children are growing right before our eyes.

My youngest son is turning four soon and sometimes I still see him as an infant. I find it so hard to believe that he is almost old enough to start going to school. Part of this makes me sad because it is impossible for him to remain a baby forever, while another part is happy because I get to experience his personality growing and blooming and I can have conversations with him. It is crazy how bipolar being a parent can be.

Lately, since his birthday is coming up, I have been going through old pictures and getting some of that good old baby nostalgia. I am one of those parents who constantly has her phone in hand taking pictures of her kids. We go to the park; take pictures. Go out to eat; take pictures. They dress cute; take pictures. I know it drives my kids crazy but what can I say, I am one of those crazy picture-taking mommas.

While looking at all of these old photos, not only do I realize how  much my children have grown, but I get to experience all that we have done. Through these photos I get to remember my children through the years, and even though it does make me sad that they will never be that age again, I am happy that I have these memories as well as photos that I can always look back on.

A great piece of advice that was given to me is to cherish all the moments you have with your children. And this includes the bad times as well. Through all the messes and the tantrums even, treasure the time that you have with your children because before long you will wish that you had that time back.

Both of my kiddos have a lot more growing to do, but I know that no matter how young they still are they will never be that young again. I try my hardest to slow down and absorb their traits and personalities now, because they are always changing.

Even through the tantrums and messes and attitudes be thankful that you get to experience this with your children and remember to take lots of pictures. You will definitely cherish them one day.

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