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Do-It-Yourself Christmas: Popsicle sticks, glue, glitter and strings, combined with your child’s imagination, results in the cutest little trees


Writer and Photographer: Haley Holcomb / Small Town Kids Magazine October/November/December 2016

The object of this Pinterest project is to let your children create their own Christmas ornaments that can be used each holiday season. Making family traditions can be something that your family looks forward to each year, and is something that you and your children can remember years later. Creating their own Christmas ornaments is a great way for your kids to not only make something that can be used year after year, but lets you see bits and pieces of their personalities at certain ages.

These Popsicle stick Christmas trees are an easy and fun way your kids can design their own ornaments. For this project, we used colored wooden Popsicle sticks, construction paper, twine, glue, hot glue and miscellaneous items to decorate the ornaments. For our Christmas trees, we used pipe cleaners, glitter and sequins and spangles. The options are endless on what you can use to decorate your trees.

Since our Popsicle sticks were already colored, we did not have to worry about painting the sticks. Painting is an option, but in this case I opted out on the mess. After gathering your supplies, take your colored popsicle sticks and connect three sticks into trees  (triangles) using hot glue. You can mix your colors or stick to the same. We did a little of both for ours.

After letting the glue dry, the trees are ready for decorating. This is the fun part. Just let the kids have at it. My 8-year-old was able to handle the glue well and didn’t need much supervision, the 3-year-old needed a little help but not much. I mainly would put the glue on his trees and then he would take care of the rest.

After the kids are done putting on their decorations and you are waiting for the glue to dry, get your construction paper out and cut out the bark and stars for the trees. I cut out squares in the brown construction paper for the tree stumps, and stars form the yellow construction paper. After the glue dries hot glue the bark and stars on the finished ornaments.

We want to be able to hang our ornaments on our Christmas trees, and this is where the twine comes in. I cut a length of about three inches on twine and super glued to the back to of the ornament to create a loop to hand from. Use enough glue to attach both sides of the twine so it stays secure. I would also suggest writing the names and year on the back of the ornament so you can keep up with who made it and what year.

Both of my boys had a great time decorating their trees and were excited to see the finished products. This was a fun and easy Pinterest project. The kids enjoyed it and I cherish that I will have these handmade ornaments to put on our Christmas tree for years to come.

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