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Mom Chat: Don’t Stress Potty Training


Writer: Haley Holcomb // Small Town Kids October/November/December 2016

There have been a lot of changes to Small Town Kids Magazine, and more are coming. This issue will feature a kids fashion section which we are very excited about.

Small Town Kids, as well as IN Magazine, has partnered with Elisabeth Ashley from EforFashion and we will feature a fashion shoot each issue.

We are very excited about these new opportunities and cannot wait to see how much more Small Town Kids Magazine can grow and evolve.

For this issue’s column, I wanted to share with you my experiences with potty training. This is one of those oh-so-important, monumental steps in your child’s life, and it can be a headache for parents.

I was ready to be out of the diaper stage. Saving money and no longer changing poopy diapers was a huge goal of mine, but there was still that feeling that I have no idea what I am doing and my kid is going to be wearing diapers until he is five.

Who knew potty training was so stressful!

The best tip that I can give after a successful potty training adventure is to not rush it and let it happen when it happens.

I remembered getting so ahead of myself and potty shopping as soon as my son started walking. He was probably 15 months when we bought his first potty chair, and now looking back I can’t believe I ever thought that he was ready at such a young age.

You hear all these parents say how their not-even-2-year-old goes to the bathroom by themselves and doesn’t wet the bed, and it makes you feel like a failure, or like you have to start the process as soon as possible so your kid is a potty genius as well and you can brag to all your friends how amazing your kid is.

Well let me tell you, that is not realistic and there is no sense in worrying yourself over that.

All kids mature differently, and some are potty trained at 2 and some at 3 or older. In my experience, my brilliant little boy who was talking in full sentences at the age of 1 did not become potty trained until he was age 3. YES, 3.

I never imagined it would take so long, but when he was ready, he was ready. Some children are ready at 18 months, others are ready at 40 months. All kids are different and just because your child isn’t potty-trained when you think they should be doesn’t make you a failure.

I would suggest introducing the idea of going to the “big-kid” bathroom to your child and letting it go from there. If they want to try themselves, help them and show them what to do. Never expect them to pick it up automatically, sometimes it can take more than a year before they fully understand the potty.

With any milestone in your children’s lives, don’t feel like a failure just because they are a little behind. All kids are different and even if your 3-year-old is still in pull-ups and refuses to go to the potty, don’t feel like a failure. Just lead them in the direction that they need to go and they’ll decide when they’re ready.

And for those parents out there that have conquered potty training, congratulations. For the ones that are working on it or will be soon, good luck.

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