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Adventure Time: Fun at the zoo with Seri & Abi


The Adventures of Seri and Abi is a blog featuring the 3- and 4-year-old daughters of Lili Rodriguez and Alyx Pace. They go on “adventures” almost every week to a new place around East Texas and share their experiences on their blog, AdventuresOfSeriAndAbi.com. You can also check them out on Facebook and follow the on Instagram at @adventuresofseriandabi_.

Caldwell Zoo

2203 Martin Luther King Blvd
Tyler, TX

$8/child – $11.50/adults

Fitbit Steps: 4,000

If you haven’t been to Caldwell Zoo in Tyler, or you haven’t gone since you were a kid, go! Although, not too much has changed, it is still really awesome. And if you’re looking for two to four hours to kill, you totally can do that there.
I’m sure you’re thinking that you already know all there is to know about Caldwell Zoo. And you might be right. But before you make your 15th trip, make sure you cross all your Ts & dotted all your I’s. Learn some valuable lessons from our latest experience.
You would think that two strong, curly headed cuties wouldn’t get tired walking for 2.5 hours? Yeah, me either. That’s why I had every intention of not being a hero and renting a $6 wagon at the zoo.
If you want to do this, REMEMBER your photo ID because even if you offer to leave your credit card at the wagon desk counter it won’t work. You won’t be allowed to rent one.
And right after that, I didn’t have any quarters to feed the fish/ducks. MOM FAIL of the century.
hank heavens the zoo is awesome.
Sooo… we all walked and took many rest breaks, which included time for snacks (that I packed in a backpack, one thing I DID remember).
Make sure if you don’t have cash to prepay for birdseed sticks when you buy your tickets at the front gate. If not, you’ll be in big trouble! Ha ha.
The Walkabout Bird Cage is probably one of the highlights of the zoo.
There are also tons of other cool animals to see, like tigers, lions and bears.Oh my!
And no matter how many times you see these animals, the kids are still amazed. Which makes it worth the more expensive outing.
Sweet Seri also gave the goats at the petting zoo a snack of her hair.
And he actually took a nibble.
Caldwell Zoo is doing a remodel of the Africa section. A section of the zoo is under construction.
I think because we live in East Texas we take Caldwell Zoo for granted, but it really is an amazing attraction.

So let’s recap some reminders:

•Pack a backpack with snacks, water and wipes. The backpack will also come in handy for all the stuff you’ll end up holding.
•Pay for your bird food sticks at the front or bring cash.
•Bring quarters for fish/duck food. I was in major trouble for not doing this one.
•Bring a photo ID in order to rent a wagon.
•Wear comfortable shoes. You regret it.
•Make sure to bring your camera/phone.

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